Mayor Sylvester Turner’s 2017 State of Mobility

Mayor Sylvester Turner’s 2017 State of Mobility, hosted June 8, will bring together the Board of Directors of the Houston Transportation Advocacy Group (TAG) as well as nearly 400 guests to hear discussions on the mayor’s vision for Houston’s connectivity and mobility aspirations.

The event is sponsored in part by Sesco Cement, who in partnership with us at trulyMAD in Houston, is proud to provide each guest with a commemorative, premium coffee mug to take home. In choosing to buy from us, Sesco decided to take advantage of our charity donation rate and give 20% of our net proceeds directly to the Houston Food Bank.

The Houston Food Bank is America’s largest and most nationally recognized meal provider to the needy. With the proceeds from the coffee mugs, the Houston Food Bank will be able to provide 100 meals for the community it services.

At trulyMAD in Houston, we believe that the growth of business should be directly tied to the strengthening of the community. For that reason, even something like a coffee mug can make a difference. Shop with us at www.trulymadsupplies.com and see how you can create a more united community, one purchase at a time.


Join the trulyMAD Movement!

True change is not achieved by grand, expensive gestures or gigantic marketing campaigns (though certainly those don’t hurt), but by word of mouth and a grassroots movement of people, businesses, and organizations that believe in a common goal. At trulyMAD in Houston, we’ve cultivated just such a following of social influencers, businesses, charitable organizations, and civic-minded citizens that have joined us along our journey towards responsible, community-oriented growth.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our movement, see where you might fit in below:

Champion of Change

Our trulyMAD in Houston Champions of Change are business, nonprofit, or lifestyle influencers in the Greater Houston area that have identified themselves as individuals committed towards changing how business is conducted in our society, beginning with our hometown. With their support, we prove that growing responsibly and giving back are not only possible, but practical. Check out our current Champions of Change at www.trulymadsupplies.com/championsofchange!

Partner in Change

Our trulyMAD in Houston Partners in Change are businesses, nonprofits, or professional associations in the Greater Houston area that have chosen to partner with us to change how business is conducted in our society, beginning with our hometown. With their support, we prove that growing responsibly and giving back are not only possible, but practical. Check out our current Partners in Change at www.trulymadsupplies.com/partnersinchange!

trulyMAD in Houston Beneficiary

trulyMAD in Houston Beneficiaries are organizations that are registered and in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3). Eligible charitable organizations must also be located in the Greater Houston area. Organizations that engage in, support, encourage, or promote intolerance, hate, terrorism, violence, money laundering, or other illegal activities are not eligible to participate. Charitable organizations may choose not to participate in at any time. Check out our current partnerships at www.trulymadsupplies.com/charities!


We believe that no good deed should go unrewarded, so to sweeten the pot (as if changing the world wasn’t enough!), we also offer our Champions, Partners, and Beneficiaries the following:

Preferential Pricing

Get the best deals on our products, buying at volume pricing!

Coverage on our Social Media

You’re doing good in the community, and we want people to know about it!

A Website Profile

Consider us your sounding board, as we relay not only your charitable message to our followers, but what you or your organization is passionate about!

If you’d like to join us, get in touch at tms@trulymad.com or reach out to us by phone at 1 (888) 929-6766. We’d love to hear from you and have you join us in making Houston an even better place!



A Champion of Change is our ally in connecting our organization with peers, fellow community members, and partner businesses with social missions.


Using the Champion of Change materials that we’ve created for you, we equip your organization to pass on and teach others how to help Houston grow responsibly.


Amplify our social mission by bringing your business partners into our movement as well. Raise the profile of your own objectives through reciprocal coverage on our social media, website, newsletter, and more.


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So[u]per Bowl LI: trulyMAD in Houston Partners in Change Score a Touchdown

This Sunday, as the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots square off at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, over 400 organizations will be lining up to tackle an entirely different opponent: Hunger.

The Souper Bowl of Caring, founded in 1990 during Super Bowl XXIV (San Francisco 49ers v. Denver Broncos for the uninitiated), raised $5,700 in donations and food items its first year. This year, by comparison, the nonprofit raked in 1.7 million food items coupled with cash donations to bring its fundraising total to over $3.2 million to feed the hungry.

Leading the way, among its 454 participants, are three trulyMAD in Houston Partners in Change. Target Hunger, Second Servings Houston, and Houston Food Bank are among the most prominent participants in the campaign, helping Houston top the charts in charitable donations by a generous margin. If you haven’t heard about any of these amazing nonprofits in the Greater Houston area, let us be the first to tell you about them!

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank, founded in 1982, is a certified member of Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network. The organization plans to grow to an annual distribution of 100 million nutritious meals by 2018.

Second Servings Houston

Second Servings Houston strives to alleviate hunger and reduce waste by rescuing excess prepared food from hotels, caterers, sports venues, cafeterias, food retailers, and other regulated food businesses, and delivering it promptly and safely to approved charitable meal providers.

Target Hunger

The mission of Target Hunger is to alleviate hunger and its root causes in the Houston neighborhoods they serve. Their vision is a Houston where no one goes hungry and everyone can provide food for themselves and their families. They distribute 3.9 million pounds of food each year – the equivalent of 3.2 million meals – to more than 11,000 individuals each month.

As an organization that strives to create dynamic philanthropy that reaches all corners of Greater Houston by uniting the needs of growing businesses with the missions of noble nonprofits, we couldn’t be more proud to partner with such generous organizations fighting for a better future.

To shop and give back to Houston Food Bank, click here.

To shop and give back to Second Servings Houston, click here.

To shop and give back to Target Hunger, click here.


Our Big Heart: What It Means to Us to Give Back to Houston

When we first began our company, selling activewear and apparel of all things, we saw ourselves as introducing a concept to world of business too often overlooked in our society. Rather than growing at the expense of our community, who had done so much for us in raising, supporting, and guiding us, we perceived our purpose in life and in our venture as a way to thank those around us by giving back.

The binding philosophy of trulyMAD, soon followed by trulyMAD in Houston, became that giving back wasn’t just a choice to be made by altruistic do-gooders, but rather could be the functional and charitable way that business ought to be conducted in the 21st Century. By lifting the burgeoning nonprofit and business community alike, we could empower to better create a more united Greater Houston, whereby the success of one never equated to the detriment of another.

It seemed like a radical idea before but, in The Big Heart, anything is possible. What began with a small staff and a few volunteers who wanted to spread our mission became a program, model, and outreach method we couldn’t have anticipated, as nonprofits and businesses intent on joining our movement flocked to us.

The program we devised was straightforward and utilizes a basic need in the business sector to benefit the community as a whole. We give 20% or more of our net proceeds to nonprofits we’ve chosen to partner with, source our goods from Houston warehouses, and ensure quick delivery. We grow together with Greater Houston by donating a large percentage of our own profit margin, expanding our business model and reach by empowering those with the know-how to continue their charitable work.

We hope after browsing through our products, featured charities, and assessing your own needs, you’ll find that we at trulyMAD in Houston are here to help, one office product order at a time. Review our charitable partners here, and join our movement: www.trulymadsupplies.com/charities.